PCD is the trusted name in AV design and installation for houses of worship throughout Northern California. From an intimate chapel to a megachurch, Our experienced design team can create a custom  high definition audio/video system for your space that will delight your parishioners, clearly transmit the sound of your worship team, and support your system for years to come.

Church Audio Video System Design & AV Installation

The sound of worship can be quiet as a child’s whisper, or as loud as a sanctuary packed with people singing with all their joy and might. With our church audio video system design, your parishioners will not miss a single moment.

The distinct architecture of churches often provides a challenge in the design of a sound system. High ceilings, hard materials, and a look lot of nooks and crannies are found in most churches. This, combined with the large range of sounds to be conveyed (speaking, solo singing, choirs, and a variety of instrumentals), makes a custom designed audio system an absolute must. With a stock or outdated AV installation, a worship service may be difficult to hear or deafeningly loud, especially for parishioners with hearing loss or hearing aids. We will design a system for you that carries all sound to every pew, at a clear and comfortable level.

A church is about more than worship, it is about community. The community areas of a church can benefit from expert audio video system design. We will design a custom audio video system for each function or meeting space. Expand your education and community service programs with state of the art custom audio and video capabilities.

Our service does not end with sound design and installation. We recognize that the most state of the art custom system is nothing without an educated user. We provide training and customized training materials for clergy, church staff, volunteers, and other end users. And, of course, fast and friendly technical support is always available.