PCD has designed and implemented state of the art concert halls and theatrical performance venues all over California. Our Design/Project engineers take the space, intended use, and logistical concerns into consideration when creating an audio design that will ensure every seat in the house enjoys the show. Our state of the art systems are engineered to fill the entire room, so each attendee is in a comfortable environment with the ability to hear the performance perfectly from stage front center to the back row of the balcony.

AV Systems Perfect For Your Venue

Picture a stage bathed in perfect light and capturing flawless sound, highlighting performers at their very best. The show has just ended and like an ocean tide, the audience slowly breaks into thunderous applause. The performers are responsible for the magic on stage, and PCD is responsible for showcasing this moment in all its glory. With our experienced Performing Arts Center AV design and installation throughout Santa Rosa, we’ve brought many moments just like this to appreciative audiences in Sonoma County.

We’re very lucky in this area. We have access to several renowned performing arts centers offering shows from some of the best artists in their respective industries. Audiences in Santa Rosa and the surrounding cities can enjoy classic blues concerts, off-Broadway productions of some of the biggest shows, comedians, live cooking demonstrations, author meet-and-greets, and so much more. However, even the best talent can fall flat if the audiovisual system at the venue isn’t up to snuff. At PCD, we have years of experience providing Performing Arts Center AV design and installation for facilities ranging from school theaters to large event spaces and everything in between. Our portfolio includes Gallo Performing Arts Center in Modesto, the San Mateo Performing Art Center, Green Music Center at Sonoma State University and the Napa Valley College Performing Arts Center, among others in or around Santa Rosa.

PCD is with you from start to finish, beginning with project planning and site reconnaissance. After we create a design and budget proposal, we work with clients directly and accept input from project stakeholders to fine-tune it into the best possible version for approval. All our installations are tested thoroughly prior to delivery to ensure they’re functioning as designed. Training programs are available to facility staff and we are always available for technical support and troubleshooting. If the facility’s use changes over time, we’re fully capable of making adjustments and retrofits as necessary.

Reach out today with any questions about our Performing Arts Center AV design and installation services. You can reach us at our Santa Rosa office by calling 707-546-3633.