Are you searching for assistance setting up your hybrid video conferencing rooms? The collaboration tools experts at PCD in Santa Rosa are here to assist you with all of your needs. For many businesses today, virtual meetings aren’t just an option but a necessity. As such, it’s imperative to ensure your zoom rooms are functioning efficiently; we can help! 

Get the Most from Zoom Rooms

Our professional team is ready and capable to create a custom and high-definition system for your space. Hybrid video conference rooms allow you to conduct meetings where half of the audience joins in-person, and the other half joins remotely. At PCD, we assist clients in getting the absolute most from this experience by offering the following services: 

  • Superior Guidance 
  • Design 
  • Installation 
  • Maintenance 
  • Support 
  • And More! 

Additionally, we work with myriad industries, including corporate, hospitality, education, worship, and the performing arts. With the guidance of our engineers, project managers, technicians, and installers, all of your zoom rooms are guaranteed to perform easily and properly.


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AV as a Service – What We Offer

We also provide AV solutions—or audio-visual solutions—that are on the cutting edge of the latest technology. These solutions are flexible, cost-effective, and don’t require cash upfront. The best part: You can choose an option that fits your specific needs perfectly, saving you both time and money. 

Remember, technology is constantly changing. Let us help you stay up to date on these changes, so you can stay focused on your business. 

Contact Us to Learn More about Hybrid Video Conferencing Rooms

If you want the most from your experience with hybrid video conferencing rooms, contact us today! At PCD in Santa Rosa, we proudly put our customers first. We started the company in 1981, and since then, have been providing personal excellence in everything we do—every day and in every way. Call 707-546-3633 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you.  

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