Tired of technical trouble disrupting your office collaboration? PCD delivers focused attention to each detail in the design and installation of Skype conference room solutions. We have a wealth of experience to guide you in choosing, installing, and maintaining the products and tools that empower you to successfully communicate with team members, partners, and clients. Our expertise spans Northern California and industries, including government, corporate, hospitality, education, worship, and performing arts. We optimize your specific space and resources to build video conferencing systems, including Skype sound system set up, that enable participants to speak, listen, and share effectively.

Video conferencing solutions often involve but are not limited to:

  • Display—Acting as a window, the display allows you to see who you are communicating with. In a business environment, a professional-grade HD LCD can be a great choice. You may need a second display to enable content sharing, depending on your specific space and requirements.
  • Camera—Mounted above or below the display, the camera can pan to the speaker, making the experience feel as natural as possible.
  • Microphones and speakers—These can be a single piece of hardware or stand-alone technologies for the Skype sound system set up in larger conference rooms.
  • Codec—Taking the audio or video and compressing it for transmission over a network, it can be hardware or software depending on use and compatibility.
  • Control panel—This lets you start the meeting with a push of a button and integrate scheduling, decreasing downtime and increasing productivity.

Our Other Services

In addition to Skype conference room solutions, we also offer Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS), allowing you to ensure that your organization has the flexibility to adjust equipment as AV needs evolve within a pre-determined budget. By giving you the certainty of state-of-the-art equipment and scheduled maintenance at set expense levels, we are modernizing the audiovisual industry!

For audiovisual design and installation that meets your space, budget, and technology needs and exceeds your demand for focused attention to detail, contact PCD online or call us at 707-546-3633 today!

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