Wow your clients and streamline your own internal workflow with HD streaming video solutions. Configurations for video and audio streaming can range from simple to very complex, so you’ll want to work with a company that has extensive experience in the audio visual industry. At PCD, we offer an expert installation team with years of experience to offer, both in audio visual design and installation. We’ll be happy to discuss which system will work best for you and your business or venue.

Streaming video works especially well anywhere where you’re serving a crowd that would benefit from visuals of live events. This may include venues like:

A typical HD streaming video system will require a video input, like a camera or digital video feed, a microphone or audio signal, the ability to capture and convert the video, compression and encoding hardware or software, and a stable internet connection. This setup can quickly become unwieldy, particularly if you really want to showcase your video in high definition. With our expert help, we’ll determine the equipment that will work best for your venue’s layout and acoustics.

The PCD AV team has installed audio visual systems and digital signage for venues throughout the Bay Area, including the Strand Theater in San Francisco and the Harker Event Center in San Jose. Enhance the audience’s experience by showing events in full HD glory as they happen live, even for those far away from the stage or event space. You can even communicate with customers over long distances with streaming video linked to video calling systems, which adds a brand-new element to your meetings.

View our project examples in the Solutions section for a better overview of our project. Please reach out to us to discuss streaming video for your business or venue.

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