The Problem

PCD was contacted Solbar/Solage to make modifications to the sound systems in a variety of areas on site including the Poolbar, the Events Center and Solage Spa to increase audio coverage throughout the facility. 

PCD’s Approach

Design an efficient and cost effective system to complement the existing system. 

PCD’s Solution

PCD provided and installed a surface mounted Middle Atlantic DWR-24-22 rack in the back of the house to hold a small TOA M-900MK2 UL rack mount mixer. The Shure wireless microphones allowing flexibility, are used for public address and during LIVE events. (15) BOSE FS3 professional loudspeakers mounted facing downward from trellis to cover outdoor seating area for background music and ambiance, and (2) BOSE recessed ceiling speakers in Vestibule and Restrooms.

The Result

PCD achieved ideal sound coverage indoors and outdoors for this world class Napa resort.


Karen Morgan Photography