The Problem

Emeritus Winery reached out to PCD to implement a sound system at their tasting room to provide ambient background music to enhance the experience for patrons visiting the winery.

PCD’s Approach

PCD was expected to design a system that will provide quality ambient music background for the tasting room and the patio that would be easy to use,  relatively moderate budget and be something they will not have to replace in a short amount of time.

PCD’s Solution

PCD installed BOSE DS16S surface-mounted interior speakers attached to a ceiling joist, and BOSE DS16SE surface mounted exterior loudspeakers to the apex of the trellis. A TOA BG2060 amplifier was installed to run up to three audio sources at a time – Bluetooth, iPad or iPhone – as well as allow streaming music service to run from their PC. Atlas volume controls were used to attenuate outside speakers from the inside speakers.

The Result

PCD achieved optimal sound quality indoors in the tasting room and outdoors on the patio.


Karen Morgan Photography