The Problem

After nearly 30 years of performing in a modest-sized warehouse in east Sacramento, B Street Theatre wanted to relocate to the Sutter District of Sacramento along with The Sofia Tsakopoulos Center for the Arts. PCD was presented with a very tight time frame to meet both their Construction schedule and their previously advertised Performance schedule.

PCD’s Approach

B Street Theater includes a 270-seat Thrust Theater, a Main Proscenium Theater, three rehearsal rooms, two conference rooms, and digital signage in the Lobby. Each theater is equipped with a 64-channel Yamaha mixing console, Meyer Sound laboratories sound reinforcement systems, Biamp digital signal processing, Clear-Com Intercom systems,  back of house program monitoring and paging systems, Extron video matrix switching, Crestron control systems, and Digital Projection projectors.

Reinforced audio events requiring live operation and Automatic Mixing for events that do not require a live operator. Back of House and Front of House paging capabilities through microphone or mixing console. Apple Mac Mini used for multi-channel audio playback, console programming and DSP control.

PCD’s Solution

Working with General Contractor MarketOne Builders, the installations at each theater include:

  • Thrust Theater and Main Proscenium Theater:
    Includes Meyer Sound Galileo 816 sound systems, Middle Atlantic WRK-44-32 racks, a Yamaha QL5 64-channel mixing console, Shure ULXD4Q-G50 and ULXD1-G50, Furman PL-8C wireless microphones, Countryman B3W4FF05TSL wireless lavaliere microphones, Clear-com/HME CZ11513 and CC-300-X4 program paging systems, Biamp Tesira digital signal processing, Denon DN-500CB CD player, Crestron control systems, Extron matrix switching, Bosch EVID C4.2 and EVID C8.2HC speakers, Marshall CV343-CSB/CD cameras, AVP AV-C226E2-Z video patchbay, Audio Technica AT8035 microphones,
  • Lobby:
    Digital signage in the lobby includes a Samsung QM65H 65” TV and BrightSign XD1033 late arrival live video system, Soundtube RS500i-BK overhead speakers, Technomad Vernal 15T-BK speakers
  • Rehearsal Rooms:
    Anvil custom racks, Whirlwind MIX-7 mixers, Denon DN-500CB CD player

The Result

The new $31 million, 49,000-square-foot complex is a “dream come true” upgrade for B Street Theater and the arts community of Sacramento. PCD got the theaters operational for evening performances while still completing construction during the day. Starting with a good design from The Shalleck Collaborative and the Yamaha Mixer with Dante is upgradable for more inputs. There is also additional space in the equipment rack to accommodate further AV installations.


Rudy Meyers Photography