The Problem

PCD has had a working relationship installing Audio Visual systems at Gott’s Roadside for years, from back when they were previously known as Taylor’s Refresher. PCD has contacted again in 2018 to provide additional upgrades to Gott’s original AV system. From being called in for the repair of a microphone to gaining trust to design and install a complete sound system for the entire facility, once the management team at Gott’s realized we are a quality contractor and can efficiently execute what has been proposed for a solution without incidents and obstacles, PCD was the chosen contractor for continued needs as the company grows.

PCD’s Approach

PCD and Gott’s anticipate future work as their brand continues to gain popularity each year. PCD planned their AV system installs with this growth in mind in order to continue to expand their footprint at this current St. Helena locations.

PCD’s Solution

In Gott’s open-air St. Helena location, PCD installed one TOA A-724 Mixer/Amplifier, four white and ten black Community CS6 loudspeakers, and two Shure 515SBGX gooseneck mics to allow staff to announce orders to clientele waiting outdoors.

The Result

Due to consistent growth year over year, Gott’s continues to update and improve the quality of their audiovisual sound systems. PCD continues to plan for and accommodate future demand to expand sound coverage throughout the area to a larger footprint.


Karen Morgan Photography