The Problem

Palo Alto High School was holding arts and theater classes in the 100-year-old Haymarket Theater building, which was not able to accommodate the acoustics nor the caliber of performance they desired. They developed a planning committee to facilitate the design of a much needed Performing Arts Center to serve the entire community of Palo Alto.

PCD’s Approach

Palo Alto High School sought state-of-the-art equipment that would rival any big city theater by offering a professional space desirable to outside renters. PCD fully equipped the 538-seat performing arts center with a top of the line Meyer Sound System, wireless microphones and power conditioners to deliver quality performances. 

PCD’s Solution

PCD worked alongside Palo Alto High School’s internal AV team to create a powerful sound system for the Performing Arts Center capable of carrying sound to all 538 seats, stream video to the lobby for overflow, and project crisp presentations.

  • This massive installation includes 77-inch Middle Atlantic WRK-44-32 and 80.5-inch SR-46-28 racks, 52 different custom panels, and seven custom patchbays–four from AVP and three from Leviton.
  • Installation of a Meyer Sound Constellation system featuring the D-Mitri digital audio platform, Galileo 408 processor, UPJunior-XP speakers, UP-4XP speakers, HMS-10, Stella-4C loudspeakers and MM-10XP subwoofers. Also included was a Yamaha LS9-32 channel digital mixer, Digital Projection E-vision 1080P-8000 projector and a Da-Lite 36431 curved-series 24-ft x 12-ft lace-and-grommet screen.
  • The overhead paging system includes Atlas Sound PA601, Lowell volume controls, Audio-Technica AT8035 and AT8415 microphones, Biamp Tesira logic controls, Crown CDI 1000 power amplifiers,
  • Fixed-mount VITEK VTC-C2B-HS HD camera feeding TVs at Front of House and Back of House
  • Crestron 3-series touch screen control system, Blackmagic Design content storage, Sennheiser EW355 wireless microphones, Clearcom intercom, and Biamp/TOA Paging systems

The Result

The Palo Alto Performing Arts Center is used for rehearsals and performances of music, movies, drama, choir, and dance by the high school, and provides a professional and desirable venue to a variety of outside renters. PCD created an amazing space for the community of Palo Alto that remains flexible to the needs of any type of audiovisual performance.