The Problem

Hayward City School District had three local schools in with outdated sports facilities; Hayward High School, Mt. Eden High School, and Tennyson High School. With no lighting and frequent flooding, the condition of the facilities at each school led their teams to have to play during daylight hours and to travel for practices and home games. The three Lease-Leaseback Athletic Stadium and Field Improvements projects were bid with public funds to overhaul sports facilities at all three schools, totaling $33 million in upgrades district-wide. The modernizations included complete demolition of previous stadiums and installation of new turf, track, bleachers, lighting, and audio visual sound systems.

PCD’s Approach

PCD provided sound reinforcement on the visitor and home bleachers and equipment racks in the press box at each stadium for easy access for all users.

PCD’s Solution

PCD installed Community R.5-94Z speakers with Bogen M600 amplifiers, Shure SM58 and WL 185 microphones, dbx DriveRack 260 Digital Sound Processors, and Williams Sound assisted listening systems at each campus stadium.

The Result

The aiming of the speakers and programming of the DSP was carefully specified by PCD staff to achieve optimal sound quality throughout each stadium. Through these three upgrades the District has provided safe and accessible spaces to be enjoyed by the entire community of Hayward.


Karen Morgan Photography