The Problem

Saint Philip’s Church in San Francisco was looking to update their outdated audio system and looked to PCD to take on the task. The Pastor said he wanted a simple and easy to use system that had all the technology of a modern day sound system that any one of the staff members could utilize. The challenge was to outfit the historical plaster wall church with new technology and not ruin the integrity of the building.

PCD’s Approach

PCD reviewed the design and established and after reviewing coverage patterns and SPL needs as well as acoustics for the room,  it was determined there was no better solution for the budget than the Bose MA12EX line array column speakers.

PCD’s Solution

The Bose MA12ex Column speakers paired with a Powermatch DSP amplifier and a MB4 subwoofer delivered just that– the sound spread evenly throughout the sanctuary without exiting the room or echoing. To simplify the ease of use we installed a Shure auto-mix SCM820 which had just the right amount of inputs to accommodate a Shure QLX wireless body pack. Paired with an over the ear DPA microphone, Shure QLX Beta 58 wireless handheld microphones and a few Shure XLR inputs along the walls of the Sanctuary, this allowed flexibility to add additional Choir microphones when needed.

The Result

This package of Bose and Shure pro audio gear was just the right combination to bring this beautiful sanctuary into the modern time with a great sounding system that is easy for any of the staff to use.


Karen Morgan Photography