The Problem

PCD was requested to provide a solution to outfit a new entertainment venue in the countryside which was to be a converted large barn. The intent was to hold hospitality events at the new facility and would have some amount of outdoor areas with sound as well. Additionally, a conference room will be also in need of some audio-video functionality.

PCD’s Approach

PCD did a complete Design-Build for a new Audio Video system for Hanson Barn at Bricoleur Vineyards on Starr Road in Windsor, CA, to include background music, a public address system, pavilion sound system, portable sound system, and a Conference Room AV system.

PCD’s Solution

Hanson Barn is a unique, high-end hospitality and commercial space in which PCD provided an AV system for background music and PA system including master control in the rack and wireless control of the system via iPad.

Installation of wired Shure SM58S microphones in the “barn alley,” Shure SLX24Beta58 handheld wireless microphones, and wifi through Sonos Connect for streaming music from a personal device to the entire facility using QSC Q-Sys touch panels and Core110F DSP system as the control and routing.

BOSE speakers were installed in various locations throughout the venue including offices, restrooms, kitchen and bar, the exterior of Hanson Barn, trellis and Baci Ball courts. The landscape areas including hillside and trees feature 20 outdoor BOSE 360P II speakers and 16 Soundtube XT-Surround Stone 5S outdoor rock-shaped speakers to blend in with the surroundings.

The Conference Room includes audio and wireless connection to a personal device and wired connection to an 80” flat-panel Sharp TV with Innovox soundbar, Barco click share, Extron controls, and Apple TV.

The Result

The facility is now in use and the sound is great in all areas providing an excellent platform for having an enjoyable experience for the various events being conducted at Hanson Barn.


Karen Morgan Photography