The Problem

In October 2017, St. Rose Catholic School in Santa Rosa suffered two unimaginable back-to-back disasters. In addition to the firestorm that swept through Santa Rosa, the water company mistakenly restored service to the campus in the following weeks. While still on mandatory evacuation, an estimated 5,000 gallons of water poured into various rooms on the empty campus before the mistake was realized. Like other local schools that sustained damage, the St. Rose campus was closed for months.

PCD’s Approach

PCD was contacted to analyze smoke damage to the St. Rose campus AV systems. PCD determined a complete replacement of parts was necessary due to extensive fire and water damage throughout campus. This can be a crushing blow to an educational institution, but thankfully, with the support of the community, and some insurance funds St. Rose could move forward.

PCD’s Solution

The scope of the St. Rose project included the installations of Extron Digital wall vault AV systems in nine classrooms, complete with Da-Lite IDEA 25944T screens, which are interactive dry erase boards that can be used for projection. Christie Captiva DHD400S short throw laser projectors, interactive Extron touch controls, TOA amplifiers, handheld wireless Shure BLX1288 microphone headsets for teachers and students, and TV tuners to broadcast campus announcements were also installed.

The Result 

Creating this plan and making sure the students and teachers both had access to technology that will help them continue to grow and learn was incredibly rewarding. PCD hopes to continue aiding in rebuilding Santa Rosa and bringing updated audiovisual system integration to schools, event venues, businesses, and more throughout the area. The fires were devastating, but from that devastation came an opportunity for growth and advancement. PCD continues looking forward for the ways we can improve classrooms for future generations.


Karen Morgan Photography