The Problem

As a part of a large rehabilitation bond program, PCD was the selected contractor for multiple systems in various venues designed by The Shalleck Collaborative. PCD provided a reference standard AV system for the new Performing Arts Center that would also be used by the community for multi-cultural events.

PCD’s Approach

Provided and installed a state of the art sound system for the Performing Arts Center to use as a high definition presentation system. The system utilizes the L’Acoustics line arrays for an outstanding speaker system that is also backed up with state of the art AV for presentations.

PCD’s Solution

The complete AV system included Middle Atlantic racks, L’Acoustics M-BUMPi loudspeaker line arrays and subwoofers, custom panels from Panel Authority, Biamp AUDIAFLEX DSP, Labgruppen C28:4 and C20:8x amplifiers, Yamaha LS9-32 mixer, Furman F1000-UPS uninterruptible power supply, Tascam CD-X1500 cd player, ListenTech assisted listening system. Meyer Sound MM4-XP and MPS-488HP under balcony speakers for sound fill, and Shure ULXP24D/58 wireless microphones.

Also included was a Listen Technologies assisted listening system, Atlas Sound PA601 amplifiers, Audio Technica AT8035 microphones, Biamp Nexia DSP, Clear-Com GM-9 microphones, Electro-Voice EVID C4.2 ceiling and EVID FM4.2 wall mount speakers, Shure 577B paging microphones for the Lobby.

The production video system included AVP ASN7511B video modules, Blonder Tongue HDA-8-860-20 CATV system, Christie DHD-800 8K lumen video projector, a Da-lite Series 300 Lace & Grommet 202″ x 360″ projection screen, and Extron touch control systems.

The Result

Allows ease of use for public speaking events, theatrical events and many other school and community events in a wonderfully designed acoustic space. Back of house is outfitted well to support the venue for cueing and readiness for the performers.

In 2019, PCD was contacted to update the systems at all eight theaters and did so under the current AV as a Service program.  The opportunity for AVaaS came after five years of solid service lead by the PCD team. When it was time to upgrade the theater video projection systems, SMUHSD was comfortable with PCD’s history of quality service. PCD had just started being able to offer AVaaS through GreatAmerica and started quoting it on every project.

AVaaS allowed PCD to offer a different approach to the AV project contract by including the upgrades and service into a monthly fee, an overhead, or operating expense instead of the district having to come up with the capital funds. An eight theater project at six different jobsites could have taken years to complete if the District had to secure capital funds as they became available. PCD was able to do a complete AVaaS upgrade at all eight theaters within months.

SMUHSD contracted with PCD for a five year service and maintenance agreement allowing them to receive troubleshooting and solutions within 48 hours of any service call. Quite often service and maintenance is left out of capital funds projects due to the inability to allocate funds, which ends up costing the client in downtime and future costs.

The SMUHSD was able to get the much needed video system upgrades their theaters needed to remain competitive and maximize revenues. The eight theaters were able to get the video system upgrades in much less time than it would have taken to go the normal route of capital investment and budget allocations. SMUHSD was also able to get the service and maintenance agreements they needed to maximize the system uptime, keeping systems upgraded. The primary client using the main theater said they would no longer need to rent a projector for their shows, as the new projectors’ high quality image surpassed all expectations.

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