PCD designs and implements “State of the Art” concert halls and theatrical performance venues all over Northern California. Creating a comfortable environment with the ability to hear the performance as well from the back row of the balcony as the stage front center. Our systems are engineered to fill the entire room.

Performing Art Center AV Design & Installation

The house lights come up. There is a second of silence, then swelling, thunderous applause. The performer’s talent and hard work brought this moment to the stage, and PCD brought this moment to the audience. Our performing arts center AV design and installation experts are essential to making your stars shine their very brightest.

PCD has performing audio visual services to performing arts centers throughout the area. From the largest auditorium to the most intimate black box theater, our expert engineers have done it all. Our projects include the Gallo Performing Arts Center in Modesto and the San Mateo Performing Art Center. The Napa Valley College Performing Arts Center is an extensive complex incorporating various elements of AV design and installation seen in our other projects. Facilities include classrooms customized for different performing arts disciplines, a black box theater, and a recital hall. Regardless of size and utilization, every space was designed with the same care and expertise.

We are able to deliver projects on a design/build basis – all we need from you is a list of your priorities and goals. After discussing the project and performing site reconnaissance, we will develop a design and budget proposal. We will work with you during the design process, explaining every step to and incorporating the input of the project stakeholders. PCD tests all our installations prior to delivery, to make sure they are functioning as designed. We also provide training programs of varying intensities to staff and other end users. Technical support and troubleshooting are always available at any time as well. We also understand that your facility’s use may change over time, and we are always happy to discuss adjustments and retrofits.

Contact us today and see how you can fulfill the potential of your Performing Arts Center with our experienced professionals’ AV Design and Installation skills.