PCD brings the World into the boardroom through video conferencing by designing and implementing High Definition systems that feature stunning pictures and clear audio intelligibility. With the latest technologies in microphones for conference rooms along with audio DSP and amplification, we can ensure that all participants have a voice in the meeting. With the new wireless collaboration devices and the latest in technology of flat panel displays and projection systems, interactive software can be applied that enables the ability to use “touch” capabilities to manage the content without the need for touching the laptop.

Corporate Audio Video Design and Installation & Presentations

Bring your office to the next level with corporate audio video design and installation, done by the professionals at PCD. Your presentations will impress and enthrall your clients with the latest in technologies like projections, crystal clear screens, and booming speaker systems. Video conferencing can bring your worldwide clients into your office for face to face conversations that can change the game. All of this is possible with PCD.

We’ve been providing Northern California with the best in audio visual systems for years, specially designing each and every project to fit our client’s needs and wants. Our design experts create the perfect system to fit your space and our project management team keeps you up to speed on plans, installation, and training. We take every step possible to ensure your new system is just what you need to get the latest audio visual technology at your fingertips. Presentations have never looked better, conference calls have never sounded clearer, and your business has never appeared sharper – all with the help of PCD.

Corporate audio visual design and installation can be a complicated and confusing process. Our expertise with a variety of industries and businesses gives us the knowledge and experience you can trust, whether your project is big or small. Ready for a consultation? Give us a call today to learn more about our services and equipment. If professional corporate audio visual design and installation is in your future, let PCD be the ones to bring the latest communication technology to your company!