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Real-time Steering Array Microphone System


Talk to your audience, not to the microphone.

The AMIO Real-time Steering Array Microphone System, the latest cutting edge meetingIO series product fom TOA, is equipped with a built-in sensor to detect and track sound sources, and it captures voices clearly and continuously from either side, above or below. This frees speakers to move back and forth in the vicinity of the podium, turn or tilt their heads to address different sections of the audience, or gesture naturally without concern for the location of the microphone. Placed unobtrusively on top of the podium or pulpit, this innovative voice-tracking microphone completely eliminates the interference and inconvenience of gooseneck or handheld mikes. Intuitive parameter setting by iPad* adds further convenience.

*iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Key Benefits

  • Proven conferencing solution that’s also widely in houses of worship, higher education facilities, courtrooms, and theatrical venues across the country
  • Natural conversation without concern for speaker location or proper microphone usage
  • Natural reproduction of sound without accentuating ambient noise such as rustling of papers
  • Unobtrusive profile with features favorable to architectural interior design requirements
  • Uninterrupted line of sight for video and other production related requirements
  • Easy installation and flexible placement including ceiling, wall, or tabletop applications
  • “Plays nicely with others” – compatible with all codecs and audio processors
  • Presets for changing room configurations and meeting layouts
  • iPad app for intuitive set-and-forget configuration and ultimate real-time control in live production settings
  • User-friendly mute controls with clear status indication