Hearing Impaired AV Systems Santa RosaFinding a contractor for hearing impaired AV systems in Santa Rosa to make your business more accessible means you’ll want a company with the best resources and experience in the industry. PCD is proud to offer deeply knowledgeable advisement on how to best accommodate a diverse audience and installation of state-of-the art equipment to do so. We’ve been in business for many years, and have watched the technology in this area continue to evolve, so we’re proud to be up-to-date in the newest resources for accessibility methods. From theatres to boardrooms, schools and universities to museums, we understand both the importance and the technology of auditory accessibility. We can work with you to equip your establishment with assistive listening systems of multiple varieties, for both personal, individual use and use with automatic mic mixers for live material. We can also conceptualize and oversee setups for live captioning and live interpreting systems via video or projection. Accommodation for everything from presentations and meetings to classrooms, tours, and shows can become seamlessly streamlined with our effective work. When you use us to provide your institution with hearing impaired AV systems in Santa Rosa, you’re ensuring a successful venture that will open your doors to more consumers of what you have to offer.

As a company we pride ourselves on individualizing every project, from start to finish. Depending on your needs, our staff of fully trained technicians will survey the scope of your locations and priorities and devise an efficient plan for installation. We’ll involve you as much as you want in any decision-making process, and can help direct you to the most suitable and best quality equipment for your assistive listening systems and other AV technology. We will always work around any potential limitations you may have, budgetary, time, or otherwise, to quickly and thoroughly install your new technology. Once it’s ready to be used, we’ll make sure you know how, and we can continue to offer more training and advice throughout your time using the systems. We can also keep them updated as the science behind these accessibility devices grows. Getting hearing impaired AV systems in Santa Rosa is the right decision when you want to ensure a comfortable experience for clientele and employees of all hearing abilities, so contact PCD today for the best resources in opening your doors to all.