PCD is renowned for their focus on technology in classrooms, theaters, multi-use rooms and cafeterias through High Definition Audio / Video systems. PCD has fed the development of the Digital Arts programs in schools by setting up the possibilities for animation, digital graphics and skit assemblies that teach students the steps of creating their own movie.

School Audio Design and Installation

With experience in school audio & video design and installation for various education centers in Northern California, we can help update your institution with the best communication technologies available. We can provide new PA systems, audio visual setups, and more to help with communication and education throughout your building. By utilizing the latest in AV technology, you can provide enhanced learning experiences for your students. PCD has helped schools all over the area upgrade their communication systems.

Whether it’s a new PA system or a total theater sound system, PCD has the expertise and knowledge you can trust. From the project start to the final test, our project managers keep you informed of the best solutions to meet your needs while the design team creates a system even the most novice user can learn to use. Our school audio design and installation is always tailored to meet your school’s needs and budgets, leaving you with a system you can rely on for years to come.

Your students deserve the best, and new audio visual systems can benefit their experience every day. With the help of PCD you can bring your institution to the next level. Whether it’s a simple PA upgrade, a new bell system, or a full auditorium audio revamp, we’re ready to help! We’ve worked with many schools to help them with their school audio design and installation.

To learn more about our education solutions and audio visual projects, give us a call today for a consultation. Let us help your school with all of its communication and AV needs.