Bringing churches and worship spaces into contemporary times can mean new innovation with sound and video, so if you’re looking to revamp or add media you can find fantastic church projection system installation in Santa Rosa with PCD. We’re a state-licensed specialty contractor that has worked for years as a company committed to providing only the best AV installation and design to all customers in all kinds of fields. PCD has worked with wineries and restaurants, schools, government facilities, fine arts and performing arts space, and countless other locales to design, install, and implement the best technology available in audiovisual integration. This kind of work enables countless new ways to introduce different forms of media and accessibility to any company or organization’s work. We know what it takes to make church projection system installation in Santa Rosa a simple reality, and at PCD we make it easy for you to find the new kinds of tools you’ll need to bring a better experience to your congregation.

church projection system installation Santa Rosa

PCD takes you through every step of our AV installation process to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want and need. First, we’ll visit your facilities with a sales rep and technicians to complete an overview of the structural, electrical, and acoustic specifications needed to work with your space. Using this information, we’ll create a prospective plan for installation, including advice on any new pieces of equipment to be purchased for your setup that takes into account the best ways of meeting both the needs of your location and the needs of any client limitations. Our installation process is fast and will not interfere with your church’s current schedule, and after we’re finished we’ll provide training for as long as you like in your new system, so you have the knowledge of all the easiest ways to bring new media to your events. Additionally, the work that we do to incorporate these new innovations means greater accessibility, especially towards the vision and hearing-impaired communities, so your congregation’s message will be able to reach an even wider array of worshippers. The times we live in make it crucial to broaden technology and expand our abilities to include all sorts of new varieties of media in the way we engage with an audience. PCD is passionate about making this change happen, so bring us on board for your church projection system installation Santa Rosa, and we’ll keep you current in your technologies while still maintaining the integrity and timeless beauty of your church space.