“Hey, things are outdated.”

This is the message PCD clients routinely expressed after their solutions were several years old. For San Mateo Union High School District (SMUHSD), the initial equipment install completion took place 10 years ago, and they were ready for a refresh. Ten years ago, eight of SMUHSD’s locations went out to bid at the same time, each potentially resulting in varying timelines and project managers.

In addition to the challenge of managing multiple projects, with different timelines, SMUHSD would have to ask for funding for eight projects. Ten years ago, AV solutions were typically quoted in a lump sum as a capital expenditure. This type of expense would require a large portion of the customer’s budget, and could take months to get approved. If it was challenging for PCD clients to locate capital funds for the AV itself, locating funds for service and maintenance was even harder. Quite often, that left AV clients without service and maintenance, resulting in cost implications due to downtime and lost revenue.


“This is everything we have needed for a long time to be functional.”

When PCD evaluated the theater’s needs, they quickly saw the opportunity to offer a solution that would overcome the financial challenges SMUHSD was faced with, as well as provide a much-welcomed convenience factor. PCD offered consistent service across all eight locations, as well as provided the ease of a single monthly payment.

When PCD introduced AV as a Service (AVaaS) to SMUHSD, the solution allowed the customer to get the much-needed video system upgrades their theaters needed to remain competitive and maximize revenue. The eight theaters were able to get the video system upgrades in much less time than taking the route of capital investment and budget allocations. The district was also able to get the service and maintenance agreements needed to maximize the system uptime, in turn keeping the systems updated.

What is AVaaS

Audio Visual as a Service allows clients to pay one monthly fee and have access to the most current AV equipment, along with the comfort of PCD’s skilled team maintaining the equipment throughout the term. AVaaS allows clients the convenience of a predictable operational expense, while ensuring the business has flexibility to adjust based on evolving AV needs.


When PCD implemented AV as a Service, they quickly learned how the new approach to bundling everything into one simple, convenient monthly payment benefited the customer in ways previously unobtainable. In addition, the bundling of service and maintenance locks down AV Systems and deters non-AV techs from troubleshooting on their own. The end result? A fantastic customer experience with technicians they know and can trust.

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