AV technology

What if you could integrate the latest AV technology every three years and have it maintained without an upfront financial burden? With our AVaaS program, this is now reality. As more industries move to Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS), this budget-friendly model is now available for your audio/visual needs no matter the size of your business.

Why You Should Pay Monthly for AV

AVaaS provides up-to-date AV equipment, and keeps it functional with regular audits. When your technology needs updating, usually around year three, PCD will do a refresh without a major impact to your monthly spend. Every month, you can expect fixed costs for your technology and PCD’s support.

Predictable Expenses

AV technology is simultaneously getting better and less expensive. This is what makes AVaaS so attractive to customers – the ability to use the latest technology while it is relevant, and updating every few years to make sure it stays that way. With monthly payments, you can make that happen without burdening your capital budgets with large expenditures. By paying monthly, you won’t have to worry about which year you will need to budget large cash amounts for new AV technology purchases.

Technology Upgrades

Every few years we will audit your AV systems to look for new technologies to improve efficiencies. With monthly payments, PCD will be able to switch out new technology for the old without drastically changing your monthly expense.

Greater Cash Flow

When you pay monthly for your technology, your cash is freed up to invest back in your business as you see fit. Many companies like to use their cash for inventory, new hires, or advertising. As technology becomes faster and continues to expand, monthly payments will ensure you are using the best AV technology to run your business and not falling behind the curve.

Stay Modern. Stay Relevant.

Whether you are running a corporate conference, school performance, city council meeting, theatrical performance, worship sermon or background music at a restaurant or winery, you expect your sound system to work flawlessly each and every time.

Let PCD show you how your organization can afford the latest technology, today and every day, with AVaaS.