Over the years PCD has installed numerous Audio / Video systems for a variety of customers and applications. The observations made, and feedback received from our clients indicate the greatest general frustrations with AV is that the technology changes rapidly enough that the systems become stale within a 3 to 5 year period. Without maintenance, the systems become inoperable due to an accumulation of small issues, revealing the need for regular attention. Scheduled maintenance creates the opportunity to have personnel retrained on operation of the systems so that presentations can become more effective.  Then there are also the ever-changing needs of organizations, especially as they grow.

PCD is pleased to provide a solution to these common issues by introducing AV as a Service (AVaaS). AVaaS provides low-cost options for customers to pay for audio visual equipment and services on a monthly basis, without a large cash payment up front. Customers can opt in to an AVaaS contract for a recurring fee and receive the flexibility to add or remove either services or equipment after an initial term is completed and as their AV needs fluctuate through the years.

AVaaS Provides the Most Up-to-Date AV System

AVaaS provides a working system that is regularly maintained and allows flexibility as technology continues to improve. This permits organizations to have their AV needs satisfied through a monthly operational expense rather than a one-time capital improvement. This frees up cash and is easier to work into a budget, and with AVaaS the customer doesn’t have the headache of owning, maintaining and disposing of old equipment.  At the end of the initial agreement, the equipment can be refreshed with the latest technology and continue as a monthly expense.

  • No capital cash outlay
  • Budgeted monthly expense
  • Regular maintenance
  • Refreshed with the latest technology as needed

The AVaaS Business Model

With AVaaS you can rest assured you always have the most current systems and can keep up with your competitors. With technology being refreshed every few years under the term of your contract, and PCD available as your “help desk” for system maintenance, you’ll never have to worry about a lackluster AV system.

  • Technology refresh every 3-5 years
  • Keep up with the best
  • Continual maintenance of system
  • Better Economics
  • Don’t own outdated or unusable AV at the end of contract term
  • Operating Expense vs Capital Outlay

Industry Trends

Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) has become a trend across many industries over the past few years. From cell phones to internet, from Microsoft to Netflix, users are now paying by the license or by the month for low cost recurring service fees instead of one upfront lump sum. This model is now available for your audio / visual needs.

Let PCD show you how your organization can afford the latest technology, today and every day.