New Design Configuration

32:9 Extended Wide Format

It is a totally new wide screen format with 32:9 bar type, the most promising display for advertisement and information delivery.

Ultra HD Resolution (3,840 x 1,080)

Ultra HD resolution delivers an immersive viewing experiences with vivid colors and clear images.

Optimized Content Delivery

88BH7D is ready to organize multi content with video and text according to user’s desired ratio. Also, it is optimal to show a vertical or horizontal object without truncation, providing real-like viewing experiences to the audience. It is the best way to attract people’s attention and maximize advertisement effect.

Multiple Screens

PBP with Four Divisions in Landscape or Portrait

The Picture-by-Picture (PBP) feature allows you to compose multi content in one single display with upto four parts. It is very useful and convenient to deliver many different advertisements or pieces of information at the same time without calibration.

Content Management

32:9 Content Editing

With the LG SuperSign Media Editor, you can easily edit images or video clips of original content to fit 32:9 ratio.

Multiple Content Creation

Users can edit content that consists of one video and several still images (up to 20) as they want.

Convenient Connectivity

Easy Management with LAN Daisy Chain

The LAN daisy chain allows you to control and monitor devices, distribute content, and even update firmware.

Tiling Scene with DP Daisy Chain

This product supports lateral tiling for 1×4 or 4×1 installations (landscape or portrait), and up to a 4×4 installation with a daisy chain configuration.

Learn more here: ( https://www.lg.com/us/business/commercial-display/displays-tvs/digital-signage/lg-88BH7D?cmpid=sem_iq|ggl|nbr|nb_dsa|comm_display|Ad1&gclid=CjwKCAiAqt7jBRAcEiwAof2uK-DAQyhGPxvyd8Z0IE7Jt4I9K_8ZY18vUCUyioPE59WaFObgFtq0nBoChqMQAvD_BwE )