Da-Lite designs and manufactures a wide range of projection screens for both commercial and residential use. Whether the need is for front or rear projection, electric or manual operation, Da-Lite can provide a solution for the requirements of any projection screen installation.



Da-Lite’s Polacoat rear projection screen offers the viewer bright, high resolution images in both full and dimmed lighting conditions; provides seven unique diffusion coating options to cover a wide range of viewing angles.



Standard features on all Da-Lite electric screens include black borders and preset adjustable limit switches that automatically stop the screen at the desired viewing level. Electric screens are available in both 110 and 220 volt models and are ideal for business meeting rooms, educational institutions, hospitality and home theater applications. Electrol® models offered include:

  • Cosmopolitan Electrol—used where recessed installation is not desired. A choice of seven veneer finishes is optional
  • Contour Electrol—features a stylish curved aluminum extruded case. The screen surface retracts completely for a clean appearance
  • Tensioned Conference Electrol—a tensioned screen for optimum image quality plus a retracting universal hole pattern video conferencing camera shelf; both the camera arm and screen recess into the ceiling and are completely out of sight unless in use
  • Multi-Vison Imager—combines a fixed screen and a tab-tensioned electric screen in one frame; perfect for multi-purpose 2D and/or 3D projection systems



Studio Electrol—for large screen applications up to 32″ with a choice of standard video, 16:9 HDTV and 2.35:1 Cinemascope format sizes. Available with matte white or perforated matte white fabrics, no borders, three-position radio frequency remote control, ceiling or wall mounting, standard aluminum case with grey finish. Black or white cases available.

Arena Electrol—for large screen widths over 39″ with a choice of 16:9 HDTV, 2.35:1 Cinemascope or 2:1 format dimensions; a unique built-in balancing system with steel cable guides ensure smooth retraction and a flat surface, available with matte white or perforated matte white fabrics, no borders, three-position radio frequency remote control, ceiling or wall mounting.

Large Dual Masking Electrol—for large venue installations when a variety of image formats are projected, available in sizes up to 18 feet wide. Features a vertical masking system that starts with either HDTV format and masks to NTSC video format or starts with Cinemascope format and masks to HDTV format; a second motor lowers and raises black masks into position to convert screen to different format features a unique step-back masking design that eliminates shadows. Custom sizes and formats are also available.

Tensioned Large Dual Masking Electrol—identical to Large Dual Masking Electrol with an additional screen tensioning system for an extra flat viewing surface and optimum image quality.



Standard features include black masking borders and Da-Lite’s exclusive Camlok Roller system that prevents the screen from being accidentally pulled from the roller. Models offered include:

  • Model C with CSR—a manual wall or ceiling mounted screen with Da-Lite’s Controlled Screen Return (CSR). Offered exclusively by Da-Lite, the CSR system ensures the quiet controlled return of the screen into the case, providing optimal performance and smooth, consistent operation
  • Floor Model C—ideal for rental, stage and hospitality applications, the screen pulls up from the case with reduced spring tension for easy raising and lowering
  • Easy Install Manual with CSR—innovative, flexible mounting brackets allow for simple wall or ceiling mount installation featuring Da-Lite’s controlled screen return (CSR) mechanism ensuring the quiet, controlled return of the screen

Da-Lite also manufactures a complete line of mounting hardware and projection screen accessories.