Born out of a recording studio in 1976, Seattle-based Symetrix is a leader in high-performance audio hardware, software, and AV control systems. Backed by award-winning technical support and customer care, Symetrix’s reputation is built on innovation, sound quality, and craftsmanship. By continuously expanding the capabilities of their AV solutions, they deliver the highest performing systems from conference rooms to 100,000 seat sporting venues and everything in between. Symetrix is headquartered near Seattle, Washington in the United States with regional sales and support offices across the U.S. and throughout the world.


Symetrix offers an ever-expanding integrated family of audio and control solutions lovingly referred to as the Symetriverse. The Symetriverse emphasizes complete solutions featuring:

  • DSPs
  • Control Software
  • Control Hardware
  • Design Software
  • IO Expanders
  • Accessories
  • Professional Services


Symetrix’s powerful and flexible open-architecture DSPs, choice of signal routing, third-party integration with Lua Scripting, custom user interface design capability, and control signal processing enable each unique system to perfectly align with specifications as well as to adapt and expand as requirements change.


With Symetrix, you’re in control with out-of-the-box solutions. No other DSP platform offers simple, straightforward system control via iOS, Android, or popular computer browsers. Symetrix offers multiple ways to control a system from user friendly wall remotes, to desk or wall mounted touchscreens, and even BYOD control from wireless tablets or smart phones. All programmed within minutes. Take full control of your system with design, display and deployment of tailored user experiences and system control solutions that meet the needs of your unique application.

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