Why Your Church Needs Custom Audio

Whether installing a system for the first time, filling a new building or upgrading, your church needs a proper audio system. It can be tempting to go with basic or simple options, but if you really want to make the most of your space and avoid costly upgrades or repairs in the future, you should consider a custom audio system design. Oakland is full of professionals and specialists, so here are some reasons you should consider going the custom route.


Acoustics are a tricky business. Humanity has been studying the subject for many centuries and still discovers more regularly. Adapting a sound system around the acoustics of a building or room will have an overwhelming impact on the quality of sound. This is the difference between an echoing, difficult to discern droning and an invigorating, well presented message that can really reach people. This is why a group who specializes in church sound systems in Oakland can help your church impact its members positively.


You should expect your church to grow over time. Even if it doesn’t grow, you can still count on change. Putting in the time, effort and money to optimize your sound system at the outset will save you time, money and effort in the long run. A proper AV design will give you options to add equipment as you need it. Your church can incorporate video displays, recording sessions and even live streaming. The options go on from here, and they can all be available as future improvements.


All of these perfections and improvements are meaningless unless the equipment is installed properly. Trying to use a single amp or a generic system will lead to painstaking guess work, and you will probably never get the positioning quite right. When a custom audio system is installed by the very people who designed it, you can expect optimization. The speakers will be positioned for the highest quality of sound, sound or control boards will be in the best location and the entire system will be safe.

Church sound systems in Oakland come in a variety of options, but the best option is one that is specifically built for you. Make the most of your space by letting an expert design your own custom audio system.