For church sound systems Mountain View residents will appreciate, turn to the professionals at PCD. We’re the area’s trusted choice for audio system design and installation with over 35 years of experience with audiovisual systems. We’ve been a trusted renovation partner for many houses of worship already, and we’ll apply all of our extensive experience to your church’s next audiovisual project. Whatever the size or scope of your plans, give PCD a call to get started.

Improve Your Church’s Sound System

Christian Worship LeaderAt PCD, we’re proud of our design/build process, by which we determine the best audiovisual solutions for each client. We maintain CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certification, which requires us to present clients with the best AV solutions for their needs as well as delivering on-time results within an established budget. When a client contacts us about improving the church sound systems in their Mountain View religious facility, our first step is an on-site visit to determine and catalog the site’s needs in person with the church authorities. Once we understand your facility’s needs and the scope of the project, we’ll use state-of-the-art software and a digital sound processor to develop a customized audio system design and installation plan specific to your project. Our technicians are licensed to complete all installation work, and we’ll quickly be able to turn your project into reality.

Designing an audiovisual system for a church can be challenging: with many hard surfaces, high ceilings, nooks and crannies around the room, and congregants seated from front to back, there are many issues for an audio designer to account for. With an out-of-date AV system, worship services may be difficult to hear or much too loud, depending on where in the room a person is sitting. Our custom sound system designs will ensure that balanced sound is carried to every pew, so congregants can enjoy the quiet of a child’s recitation along with the jubilant volume of a full choir. Your congregants deserve quality church sound systems in your Mountain View church: give PCD a call today to get started!

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