Church Sound Systems Santa Clara

PCD is proud to provide professional house of worship audio video systems for Fairfield churches. We have worked with numerous churches in Northern California to provide unique house of worship AV solutions. Our services include custom design, installation, and training on the equipment. At each step, we take your unique circumstances into consideration.

For example, a church may have architectural elements that provide obstacles like rafters, alcoves, and niches. We take the existing architecture into consideration and ensure the placement of any projection screens and speakers is ideally situated for maximum enjoyment of the service. When installing the equipment, our in-house installation team is careful with your building. We ensure that the equipment is secure without damaging the integrity of the facility. Finally, we train staff and volunteers to use the equipment. Our goal is to create church AV systems that make your worship service look and sound incredible – with easy-to-use equipment that fits seamlessly into your Sundays. Our experienced technicians will train your church employees/volunteers how to use the system to make the entire process as streamlined as possible. Your house of worship audio video will never be the same again in Fairfield! It will be clear, professional, and enjoyed by the entire congregation.

We all know the substance of the service is what matters. But it can be difficult to make out the words of a worship song or hear the speaker if the audio is crackly. If the preacher wants to play a video and the screen is too dim to make out the movie, the parishioners lose out on the impact of the video. Making sure the house of worship audio video goes smoothly for your Fairfield church is important to PCD. That’s why we offer custom design, installation, and training, as well as AVaaS. AVaaS is a new model of paying for and maintaining your audio visual systems. Instead of paying a large upfront capital cost, you pay a monthly fixed rate for the system and maintenance. This is just one of the house of worship AV solutions we offer. Contact PCD to discuss your needs today!