Are you looking for worship audio video systems in Dixon? Many churches are blessed with wonderful choirs and talented musicians, but older church AV systems aren’t always up to the task of sharing the music. Older systems may crackle, fade out, be difficult to use, or simply break down when you need them the most. That’s where PCD comes in. We have the house of worship AV solutions you need! We have worked with numerous churches to bring professional, elegant, simple to use technology that takes services to the next level.

Why are worship audio video systems so important for Dixon churches? You want to ensure that every parishioner can see and hear the service. As using videos during services to display song lyrics, sermon points, and videos becomes more commonplace, having a screen that is large enough for the entire congregation to see and adapted to the light conditions (for example, accounting for ambient light from skylights) is important. Speakers are also an essential part of the system to make sure that all attendees can adequately hear the service. When designing the system, PCD takes into account your programs and services, the needs of the congregation, and the structural elements of the space. We can design around rafters, alcoves, niches, and other elements as well as install projection screens and speakers in a way that upholds the integrity of the building.

Our house of worship AV solutions are tailored to each individual church, since each congregation may have different needs. One church may regularly hold worship concerts while another may have monthly movie nights while another has elaborate Vacation Bible School productions. Depending on your programs and your space, we will customize the design and build of the AV system. When you want to take your worship service to the next level with a professional audio video system in Dixon, contact the professionals at PCD!