In the virtual world of today, your office needs to operate at top efficiency. This is perhaps nowhere more clear than the need for Watchdog Monitoring system solutions for audio visual setups in conference rooms and huddle rooms. AT PCD, we have a wealth of experience to guide you in choosing, installing, and maintaining the products and tools that empower you to successfully communicate with team members, partners, and clients. Our expertise spans Northern California and industries, including government, corporate, hospitality, education, worship, and performing arts. We optimize your specific space and resources to build and maintain video conferencing systems, delivering focused attention to each design and installation detail.

We encourage you to extend the life and performance of your AV equipment with regular equipment and system maintenance. Watchdog system monitoring is an additional service that protects your audiovisual system from specific software or hardware failures that may cause the system to stop responding. It gives our tech the ability to address systems issues offsite without compromising the security of the system or the network. In addition to Watchdog system monitoring, we also offer Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS), allowing you to ensure that your organization has the flexibility to adjust equipment as AV needs evolve within a pre-determined budget. By giving you the certainty of state-of-the-art equipment and scheduled maintenance at set expense levels, we are modernizing the audiovisual industry!

Our clients are the foundation of our long-term success, and we strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to providing the WOW that gives you an edge in a crowded, highly competitive field. For audiovisual design and installation that meets your space, budget, and technology needs and exceeds your demand for focused attention to detail, call the experts at PCD at 707-546-3633 or contact us online today!