Committee Having A ConferenceVideo conferencing is an excellent way for companies of all sizes to save on travel costs, without sacrificing the personal touch that only face to face contact can achieve. But purchasing a complete set of video conferencing equipment can be cost prohibitive. In addition, video conferencing is often most valuable at remote locations such as conferences, conventions, and trade shows. Providing audio & video conferencing as an option is an excellent way to serve your valued clients. PCD Audio-Video System Integration is here to help with our video conferencing solutions.

Video Conferencing Equipment

A dependable, high resolution, and easy to use system starts with the right video conferencing equipment. PCD Audio-Video System Integration offers only the highest quality equipment from trusted manufacturers. We strive to offer options at every price point. We are not just an equipment dealer, although we are proud to be selected as a distributor by the top quality brands. We also provide design and installation services to make your vision a reality. PCD Audio-Video System Integration is also highly experienced in working together with design professionals. We would be happy to work with your selected architect or interior designer on your project. And, if you have not selected a design professional yet, we would be happy to offer recommendations of firms our clients have been satisfied with.

PCD Audio-Video System Integration serves the greater Santa Rosa area from our office at 1032 Maxwell Drive in Santa Rosa, California. To learn more about what a custom video conferencing system can do for your business, give us a call or drop us an email today. We would be happy to learn more about your needs and discuss your options.

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