If technology gives your organization a competitive edge, you are familiar with how expensive it is to keep it current. At times, the purchase price of your technology is only a fraction of the cost of the total cost of ownership. Here we’ll uncover the hidden costs you’ll encounter as part of the lifetime cost of your technology purchase:

    Once you have your new technology onsite, you’ll need an expert to ensure it is installed and connected to your organization’s network. Depending on the complexity of the technology, this can cost as much as the purchase price of the equipment itself.

    Once your technology solution is installed, your team will need to know how to use the new features. Bringing in an expert or training one of your team members as an expert can be an unexpected cost.

    Need somebody to troubleshoot issues with your video conferencing, or fix that audio device that’s been acting up? That is going to cost you. Whether it is the cost of hiring somebody to maintain your new technology or outsourcing an on-call technician, the fees for support add up quickly.

    It is one thing to have to call somebody for help, but if you need somebody to come onsite and troubleshoot an issue, you could be looking at anywhere from $100 – $200 per hour. Depending on how severe the technical issue, you may need to spend even more to replace a piece of equipment.

  5. ADD-ONS
    Don’t forget about your growing organization. You’ll need more team members to support that growth, and those new additions will need the same technology as the rest of your team.

    When the time comes to upgrade your technology, you’ll need to come up with a game plan on what to do with your old technology. Believe it or not, it can cost you more to dispose of the equipment properly than to just put it in the dump.

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