Sound Masking Solutions

What are sound masking solutions? According to research by UC Irvine, your employees are interrupted once every 11 minutes. Once disturbed, workers needed 23 more minutes to get back on track. Sound masking analyzes the ambient sound and adds an opposing frequency. This flattens the sound, making it unintelligible and allowing workers to dismiss it as background noise. When you decrease distractions, you increase productivity. At PCD, we have been building audiovisual solutions, including sound masking system designs, for our clients throughout northern California for more than 30 years. We always give you the personalized, meticulous attention you deserve because we make you our top priority. We passionately believe that you are the foundation of our company and the reason for our long-term continued success. Dedication to personal excellence—in everything we do, every day, and every way— is the beating heart of our organization!

Benefits Of Sound Masking

Sound masking solutions are more needed than ever. Open workspaces, shared workstations, the constant interruption of email and workplace communication tools—the distractions are endless. Sound masking turns conversations into background noise, giving your workers less interruptions. In addition, businesses focused on sensitive information, such as medical and financial concerns, also have critical privacy requirements. Sound masking secures personal and organization information. With effective sound masking system designs, you can build a comprehensive solution that can be hidden in spaces like ceilings and flooring. We can provide your entire space with effective noise reduction that is cost-effective and fully immersive.

PCD provides superior guidance and support from design and installation to maintenance for all of your audiovisual needs. We handle everything from design and installation of signal generators, speakers, surface transducers, and self-contained systems. Our engineers, project managers, technicians, and installers stay with us for years, even decades, giving us built-in efficiency and proficiency that comes with long-term commitment. Our experience and knowledge allow us to leverage our abilities and streamline processes. This hands-on approach ensures the success of every project. Call 707-546-3633 or contact us online for expert help, including AV as a Service, digital signage, stadium sound, and so much more!