Sound Masking Installation

It sounds counter-intuitive but adding sound to the ambient noise level of an office environment makes spaces quieter. By matching the frequency of human speech, office sound masking installation reduces the intelligibility of language. Instead of the differentiated sounds of speech, you hear a murmur instead. When employees can’t make sense of individual words, they let conversations recede into background noise. It no longer distracts or annoys. At PCD, we are experts in engineering audiovisual solutions for your office or venue, no matter the size or complexity. Since 1982, we have designed and installed audiovisual systems across northern California and remain committed to making your WOW a reality!

How Do They Work?

Sound masking speakers emit an ambient sound, similar to the sound of airflow that is designed to mimic the frequency of human speech. By targeting language, we can make conversations less distracting to your employees. Sound masking installation doesn’t cancel or eliminate sound. It simply reduces the distance needed to turn a conversation into indistinct sound that can easily be disregarded. This increases productivity by allowing employees to focus on their work instead of unrelated discussions. When you can keep conversations private, it also protects personal and organizational integrity. Employees are more emboldened and creative when they know their conversations won’t be heard across the room. Many of our clients have found that improved acoustics are an essential aspect of building a better workspace. A balanced, comfortable acoustic environment is a balanced, comfortable place to work!

At PCD, we’ve specialized in AV system design and installation, such as sound masking speakers and systems, that are customized to the space and needs of our clients. For more than 30 years, we’ve installed AV systems in a range of industries, including corporate, education, hospitality, government, places of worship, and performing arts. Whether you’re an office with privacy concerns or a restaurant looking to add ambiance, contact us online or give us a call at 707-546-3633 to discuss your organization’s needs!