Recessed ceiling speakers offer a space-saving immersive sound experience that’s an excellent addition to any space. Whether you’re looking to add ambient sound to your restaurant, or you like to add surround sound to your event space, recessed ceiling speakers provide an elegant solution. They’re inconspicuous, blending well within the architecture of your building. Unlike standing floor or wall-mounted speakers, they won’t impact your viewer’s visibility. If you’re interested in having an in ceiling speakers installation, contact PCD. Since 1982, we’ve designed and installed countless custom audio-visual systems for a range of industries, including corporate, education, government, hospitality, entertainment venues, and houses of worship.

Recessed ceiling speakers are the perfect solution for when you’d like to have high-quality sound with minimal visibility. Cables and cords are hidden away, increasing room aesthetics and eliminating tripping hazards. When properly installed, they provide balanced audio that isn’t subject to room configurations. Additionally, many environments can be tough on conventional speakers. They may collect dust or be subject to humidity and are often used for long periods of time. Recessed ceiling speakers are designed for heavy use and perform well in even the most unconventional environments. They offer greater control without the need for extensive programming, making them very user-friendly.

We’ve Helped A Variety Of Businesses

We’ve provided in ceiling speakers installation for a variety of businesses and organizations, including:

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