Public spaces are commons, squares, parks and other recreational areas that are open and accessible to people. These spaces must be flexible—concerts, speeches, and other events are held throughout the year and require state-of-the-art public space AV solutions. At PCD, we provide the highest level of workmanship and customer support for corporate, hospitality, education, government, performing arts venues, including audio visual integration for public spaces. We build solutions that optimize your space, creating an AV system that works for your staff, clients, and guests.

Public Spave AV Solutions

Public spaces are often large. To communicate you must have reliable Wi-Fi, high-def screens, sound and lighting that enhance the experience, and the ability to communicate with your staff and the public at all times. Bullhorn audio equipment worked for decades because it was loud enough to overcome the loud volume of crowds. But people now expect a much higher quality audiovisual experience. There’s also no second chance with live events—with our public space AV solutions, we can ensure equipment is in place and your staff is properly trained to operate it.

Unmatched Knowledge & Expert

Audio visual integration for public spaces requires detailed consideration to improve experience and promote connection and engagement. Our experience and knowledge allow us to give focused attention to every detail. No matter the size of your space, as AV experts, we make sure you have access to the latest equipment. We take the worry away by handling everything—from the design and setup to training and ongoing maintenance. Because we strive for personal excellence in everything we do, you can feel confident when you partner with us for all of your audiovisual needs. We accurately estimate the time and cost required for project completion and take pride in delivering the project within those estimates!

Are you ready for audiovisual design and installation that meets your space, budget, and technology needs? Contact PCD online or call us at 707-546-3633 for an engaging, connected, flourishing venue that goes above and beyond your audiovisual expectations in every way!