Not All Conference Cameras Are Created Equal!

Whether a small conference room or large conference room, wide conference room, or deep conference room, everyone will need a decent to high-quality camera to outfit the room. After all, if you are not starting with good quality optics, the process of streaming and conversion will only reduce that quality. PTZ cameras are the perfect solution for live-streaming high-quality visuals in conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms, or event spaces. These small, compact cameras can Pan, Tilt, and Zoom their lenses, making them capable of a wide-angle of view. The lenses can be controlled remotely or can be automated. Due to their small size, PTZs can be placed inconspicuously throughout a studio or event space without obstructing audience views.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

There was a time when PTZ cameras were regarded as unsuitable for professional use, but that is no longer the case. Advances in sensor design, IP technology, and the introduction of optical image stabilizers have made these cameras an industry standard. PTZs integrate well with automated systems where shots can be reproduced daily. They can easily be hidden in furniture or mounted on walls and ceilings, making them perfect for small spaces. Many PTZs can leverage Ethernet, making the cabling and installation straightforward and less time-consuming. PTZs can be integrated with control systems that support joystick control, as well as saved presets, motion presets, dynamic and programmable auto-zoom, and other sophisticated features that once required a human operator. The ability to operate them remotely makes them extremely suitable for virtually any venue.


Fixed Cameras

These days the basic $79 – 129 Logitech cameras are what we are seeing in many small huddle rooms and offices and certainly they are cost-effective enough to use in a non-critical space. What options that are available may surprise you. First, the optics quality between a basic low-cost camera and the premium cameras can be dramatic to say the least.  The Field of view can range from 68 degrees horizontal (side to side) and up to as much as 150 degrees horizontal for those conference rooms that are very wide with the table configuration. Specifically, the new Huddly Cam IQ is a 120 degrees horizontal camera and is absolutely astounding. To make things even easier, there are cameras with high-quality microphone arrays as simple as the Huddly Cam IQ with mic and up to the Yamaha sound bar with camera built in. Crestron also makes a great sound bar with camera.

Highly-Skilled Experts

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