We have provided organizations with reliable, professional live stream set ups for City Council meetings. This feature and functionality can also be implemented at sports arenas, school theaters, performance halls, conference centers, event spaces, and houses of worship. Anywhere that crowds benefit from visuals of live events is the right place for a live stream set up service. Since 1982, we have specialized in creating custom solutions for our clients based on their AV needs, space, and budget. We’ll handle all the details, from design and installation to training and maintaining your equipment. We also offer AV as a Service, so you can effectively budget while ensuring access to the latest state of the art equipment.

Unmatched AudioVisual Expertise

Our extensive experience in the audiovisual industry makes us the perfect choice for your AV needs. Configurations for video and audio streaming can range from simple to very complex. We offer an expert installation team with years of experience in audiovisual design and installation. We’ll be happy to discuss which system will best suit your business or venue. Most HD streaming video systems require a video input, such as digital video feed or a camera, a microphone or audio signal, the ability to capture and convert the video, compression and encoding hardware or software, and a stable internet connection. This can quickly become difficult to set up, especially if you want the sharpness of high definition. With our professional live stream set up, we’ll determine the equipment that will work best for your venue’s layout and acoustics.

We have installed audiovisual systems and digital signage for venues throughout the Bay Area, including the Strand Theater in San Francisco that has revitalized the new and hip Central Market neighborhood on Market Street. The 28-foot-tall LED projection in the two-story lobby creates an attractive and welcoming visual for patrons as they pass by. At the Harker Event Center, in San Jose, we installed a 34-foot by 15-foot video wall to support theatrical productions, media presentations, and more.  We can enhance the audience’s experience by showing live events in HD, even for those who are located far away from the stage or event space. You can even communicate with customers over long distances with streaming video linked to video calling systems, which adds another appealing to meetings.

High-Quality & Versatile Equipment

We understand how competitive convention venues can be, making it vital to have high-quality, versatile audiovisual equipment. Conventions must-have equipment that allows the presenter to be seen and heard by everyone in the room. For some presenters, the quality or type of equipment may be a large part of the deciding factor in where they choose to book the convention. With our professional live stream set up, you can feel confident that you’ll stay competitive with convention bookings. We’ll work closely with you to determine the right equipment to fit your space and presentation requirements, ensuring you have the best possible AV solutions available. For a live streaming system that delivers the performance required for your unique venue, call PCD! We provide expert design and installation of AV services for a wide range of industries, including hospitality, education, government, performing arts, and sports events. Our helpful Design Consultants will provide meticulous attention to every detail so that you end up with the perfect AV system for your needs and budget. To stay current with cutting edge technology, contact us today at 707-546-3633!

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