Do you need video for your congregation, board members, or officials and citizens who stand up to speak at town halls? Are you looking for pan tilt zoom cameras? At PCD, we specialize in building reliable, easy-to-use AV systems. Technology leaps forward at a demanding pace, and the need for high-quality cameras has grown just as quickly. You need pan tilt zoom camera solutions when you want a camera that can be controlled from a remote location or can be programmed to detect motion. We can even make sure that your camera understands the distinction between valuable objects and distractions. We have the skill to integrate the unique demands of your organization and space into audiovisual systems that are state-of-the-art.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

Pan tilt zoom cameras are the perfect equipment for live-streaming high-quality visuals in conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms, or event spaces. These small, compact cameras can simultaneously:

  • Pan: the horizontal movement of the lens.
  • Tilt: the up-down movement.
  • Zoom: allows a subject to appear close up or far away.

Benefits of Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

Due to their small size, pan tilt zoom cameras can be placed inconspicuously throughout a studio, event space, or conference room without obstructing the view of a participant. They can easily be hidden in furniture or mounted on walls and ceilings. This makes them an excellent choice for small spaces. Advances in sensor design, IP technology, and the introduction of stabilizers have made these cameras the standard of the industry. We can help you decide which of our pan tilt zoom camera solutions works best for you. We have specialized in the custom design and installation of AV systems to meet the goals and objectives of our clients since 1982, striving for excellence every day, in everything we do.

We have the commitment to customer service and meticulous attention to detail that ensures your audiovisual system performs perfectly. To implement the latest in audiovisual technology, contact us online or give us a call at 707-546-3633 today.