Office Sound Masking

In open office spaces, the background noise level is usually low. Because of this, people overhear the conversations of their colleagues whether they want to or not. An office sound masking system from PCD emits a soft, inconspicuous background sound through properly placed speakers. This makes the ambient sound level more uniform and muffles otherwise noisy distractions. Since 1982, we’ve specialized in the custom design and installation of AV systems to meet the extensive needs of our clients. Our long-time employees give us a knowledgeable and stable workforce. This vast experience enables us to design and install your project within reliable cost and time estimates. The world of audio and video systems is always evolving, and we have the resources to keep up with cutting-edge trends. You can feel confident that the professional sound system we build for you is state-of-the-art!

Benefits Of Sound Masking

Sound masking for your office makes conversations and other noise harder to hear and less of a distraction. In this way, your employees are less distracted, they concentrate better, and their productivity measurably increases. Workplaces that benefit from office sound masking include healthcare, financial services, government, hospitality, call centers, and more. The challenge is to optimize sound masking based on the type of business and the size of the space. For example, we carefully consider the size and type of ceiling, wall coverings, and furnishings when designing your system. We also calibrate it to measure and respond to the background noise as it occurs. Advanced signal-processing technology allows the system to adjust the masking volume depending on the intensity of conversations and other noise distractions.

We strive for excellence every day, in every way in everything we do and pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to every detail. When you’re searching for the best AV solutions for your company or organization, PCD has the experience and professionalism you need for your audio and video project. You can rely on our team of experts to find the perfect solution for you. Contact us online or give us a call at 707-546-3633 to better understand the difference sound masking for your office can make!