A multichannel mixing console is essential equipment for live performance and presentation venues. The highly professional team of AV designers at PCD will work through the many details you will need to consider. Pre-programmed? Expandable? Noise resistant? We have the expertise and experience to build a system, including a professional mixing console installation, to meet your space, budget, and technology needs. As experts in AV systems, we ensure that you have access to state-of-the-art information and equipment. We handle everything from the design and setup to training and ongoing maintenance.  

Digital mixers feature memory that allows for settings to be stored and recalled when needed. This is especially helpful in venues such as banquet halls that have different types of events—changes for each type can be recalled efficiently upon demand. There are also features such as feedback suppression, decreasing BGM level, and signal functions that are designed to cover every application. Digital mixers can also be expandable to connect to a wide variety of external devices. You can also build noise resistance into your system with digital transmission of audio signals. This is increasingly important the bigger the venue is.   

For your professional mixing console installation, it is possible to assign numerous functions to a single control. These functions can be switched by physical controls or virtual controls on a display. This allows you to pack a large number of functions into a relatively small space. Some digital mixers even feature wireless remote control so that you can listen from different vantage points and mix on a smart device. This makes it possible to check out and optimize sound from different audience vantage points.

Our workforce is knowledgeable and stable with a long-term commitment to designing and installing reliable AV solutions. We can properly assess the amount of time it will take to complete your job. Our technicians have an excellent understanding of modern AV systems, giving us the ability to program and troubleshoot on-site. We are responsive to your needs during design, construction, and after. This is because we are dedicated to putting our customers first. You are the foundation of our company and the reason for our long-term, continued success.    

If you want this type of attention to detail for your multichannel mixing console and all of your AV needs, contact us at 707-546-3633 today!