At PCD, we can assist you with an interactive projector set up from design to installation, training, and maintenance. Classrooms and conference rooms are excellent locations for interactive projector installations. This equipment allows presenters and participants to “draw” on a screen that can also project images and words, much like a standard projector. These projectors definitely add the Wow! factor to your sessions. We have specialized in creating custom solutions for our clients based on their AV needs, space, and budget since 1982. We’ll handle all the details and even offer AV as a Service so that you can access state-of-the-art equipment and stay on budget!

How It Works

Your interactive projector installation generally utilizes ultra-short throw projectors with projection mapping. There are two different ways this equipment allows you to interact with it. DLP projectors project their own patterns over the original display. This pattern emerges in flashes that can be detected by a “pen.” Each movement is translated into data that is projected on the screen, understood, and can even be saved. Infrared interactive projectors are similar, but the lens is also a camera that records and reflects back every movement of the pen. These devices keep the audience engaged, build teamwork, increase productivity, allow for flexibility, and are better for the environment than traditional whiteboards.   

With our reputation and experience, you can feel comfortable partnering with us for your interactive projector set up and all of your audiovisual needs.  We’ll work closely with you to determine the right equipment to fit your space and needs, ensuring you have the best possible AV solutions available. We strive for personal excellence in everything we do, every day. Our knowledgeable and stable staff have the experience to properly assess the time and money a project requires, and expert technicians and engineers, give us an advantage over other companies. We provide expert design and installation of AV services for a wide range of industries, including corporate, hospitality, education, government, performing arts, and more. Our helpful Design Consultants will provide detailed attention to your project, so you end up with the perfect AV system for your needs and budget. To stay current with cutting edge technology, contact us online or call 707-546-3633!