Our crew of installers and technicians stand out because of their experience and knowledge of audio, video, and communications systems. PCD’s installation team are all members of the IBEW Local 551 Union, and our training program for apprentices is run through the Union. This gives a regularity to the training our employees receive and prepares them with the technical skills they need. With an average of 8 years of experience in AV and electrical work, and a fierce commitment to keeping abreast of emerging technologies, our team is well qualified to complete custom work. One of our employees recently celebrated 20 years of service with us! When our customers hire PCD, they know they are getting certified and highly skilled installers.

Technology is always pushing forward, maintaining a relentless pace to bring you crisper video, cleaner audio, and easy to use communication tools. How does PCD stay on the cutting edge of technology? With a focused lineup of experienced engineers, installers, and support staff that love what they do and work tirelessly to learn the latest innovations, so they can better serve our customers. In this post, we want to especially highlight our hardworking installation team.

installation team

While every company does things differently, including hiring third party contractors, PCD is proud that our installers have always been an integral part of our team. Since 1982 our installation crew has been the backbone of our organization, executing complex audio and video designs impeccably. Having a dedicated, full-time team has allowed our company to flourish as the Engineering and Installation departments can easily communicate and work seamlessly together to bring our customers the best in communications solutions. Since we never outsource our jobs,  we have total control over your installation, and we can provide the highest quality installation and consistency to our customers.

Our installers enjoy the variation from day to day. They might be staying local or going all over Northern California for special projects. They have helped companies in a myriad of industries, including education, corporate, worship, performing arts, government, restaurants, and wineries. Even though the specifics of the job might change, what stays the same is our flexibility to present unique designs and our thorough knowledge of equipment. By keeping up with the latest AV technology, we are able to create individualized solutions for our clients. Our talented installation team ensures that you get the highest quality equipment installed on time, and the training so that you can use it!