Step right up! Fairgrounds can be marvelously flexible spaces, used for events throughout the year and, of course, the local, regional, or state fair once each year. PCD provides the highest level of workmanship and customer support for corporate, hospitality, education, government, performing arts, and fairground AV system design, installation and maintenance. We pride ourselves on building solutions for limitations and optimizing possibilities of your space to create an AV system that works for your staff, clients, and guests.

Why You Need Quality

Fairgrounds are large. Each area and exhibit space must be capable of providing information with fairground audio visual equipment both individually and as part of the larger space. The old bullhorn audio equipment worked for decades because it was loud enough to overcome the loud volume of crowds. But fairgrounds must now compete with other event spaces for guests—and fairgoers expect higher quality audiovisual experience than in years past. We can integrate your fairground audio visual system for the entire facility and give your staff the training they need to operate user-friendly controls. 

Every space, large and small, requires detailed consideration to improve experience and maximize profit. We pay attention to all these details to meet your space, budget, and technology needs. As experts in audiovisual systems, we ensure that you have access to advanced equipment to meet the demands of your clients. We also make it as hassle-free as possible by handling everything from the design and setup to training and ongoing maintenance. 

Are you ready to take fairground AV system design and installation to the next level? Are you ready to give your guests some WOW for paying to walk through your gates? Hurry, hurry, hurry! PCD takes you above and beyond your audiovisual expectations in every way. For an engaging, state-of-the-art facility, contact us online or call 707-546-3633.