Document cameras are an excellent way to share objects or documents to your audience in real-time. A document camera is similar to an overhead transparency projector, but it offers greater flexibility – and there is no need to create overhead slides. These cameras are a perfect solution for classrooms, meeting halls, board rooms, and conference rooms. If you’ve been searching for a document camera professional setup service, turn to the experts at PCD. Since 1982, we’ve provided skilled audio-visual solutions for universities, city halls, event centers, and more. We specialize in designing custom AV systems to meet the unique and varied needs of our clients. Contact us today!

Document cameras are an easy and elegant way to allow your audience to have a closer look at a document or 3D items. This is especially important for large lecture halls or auditoriums, where there may be visibility issues. Some camera models include microphones, allowing you to project your voice as well as images. Many models are also capable of connecting to other devices, such as laptops, tablets, DVD players, and more through HDMI. This offers not only extreme flexibility compared to a transparency projector, but also eliminates the need for additional equipment.

High-Quality Document Cameras

Many models of document cameras are portable, although they can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling to save space. Portable cameras allow for the device to be used in multiple classrooms and give presenters control over where they place the camera. Having a portable document camera is also an excellent option for organizations that may not have the budget to have one in every room. Another benefit of these cameras is that some models come with software that allows users to scan and organize their files easily. A document camera is a multi-functional tool that can help reduce overall technology costs.

We’ve provided document camera professional setup for many organizations, including Solano Community College and Milpitas City Council Chambers. In both jobs, we installed Wolfvision cameras, which are user-friendly, high performance, and flexible imaging systems that are used by thousands of universities, organizations, and businesses worldwide. With decades of experience designing and installing AV systems, we can find a visualization system that will fully support your needs. Give us a call today at 707-546-3633 or contact us through our online form.