Who do you look to for true distributed sound system design? Since 1982, PCD has specialized in creating custom solutions for our clients based on their AV needs, space, and budget. We’ll handle all the details, from design and installation to training and maintaining your equipment. We also offer AV as a Service, so you can effectively budget while ensuring access to the latest state of the art equipment.

Each distributed audio system is individually designed based on each customer’s needs. To determine what equipment will be necessary to create a system, we must first determine your needs. Is the system being used to project someone’s voice through a large building? A smaller office? Is it noisy or quiet? A noisy bar requires a more powerful system than a quiet office.

Selecting The Right System For Your Needs

There are three basic types of distributed audio systems—background, foreground, or a combination of the two. A background distributed audio system is often used in office buildings or other quiet settings. They generally require soft background music with the ability to page. Foreground systems are used in nightclubs, restaurants, and performance venues that need to turn up the volume.

You’ll want to work with us because of our extensive experience in the audiovisual industry. We can help you choose the right speakers, distributed amplifiers, and microphones. You may also have to consider remotely positioned volume controls if different rooms have different needs.  We offer expert design and an installation team with years of experience. We’ll be happy to discuss which system will best suit your business or venue. With our expertise, we can determine the most cost-effective equipment based on the layout, acoustics, and characteristics.

For distributed sound system design that delivers the performance you need for your unique venue, call PCD! We provide expert design and installation of AV services for a wide range of industries. This includes hospitality, education, government, performing arts, and sports events. We keep current with cutting edge technology and provide meticulous attention to every detail so that you end up with the perfect AV system for your needs and budget. Contact us today at 707-546-3633.