DIS voting software and conferencing systems allow committee members to have organized discussions with voting capability. Board members or attendees can vote securely and confidentially. DIS voting software is useful for City Councils, homeowner’s associations, or educational boards. Any governing body that relies on voting will find that the software saves time and maintains voting integrity. If you’re interested in DIS voting software setup, contact the pros at PCD. Since 1981, our clients have relied on us for expert design and installation of custom-tailored AV solutions. Our many years of expertise allow us to quickly evaluate your needs and recommend the best equipment for your budget.

We’ve installed DIS voting software in a variety of organizations, including the Milpitas City Council Chambers. The City of Milpitas came to PCD to completely revamp the City Council Chambers with a collaborative audio-visual system. They also wanted to have effortless voting capability. Our solution for their voting requirements was to install a Shure DIS central control unit with DIS FL6000 voting software. The DIS-CCU is a powerful microprocessor-based control unit. It can power up to 250 microphone units and support four languages. Additional feature licenses allow it to support up to 3,800 participants, 200 interpreters, and 31 languages.

What Can It Do?

With the FL6000 feature license, delegates and attendees can cast their votes using conference units equipped with voting buttons. The chairman can then view the voting results on the display of the conference unit, or a third-party media control system. Voting results aren’t retained or recorded within the system. When a new vote is activated, it replaces the previous vote. This is a very useful feature for city councils or other organizations that want simplified voting capabilities. If you need advanced features, Shure SW 6000 digital conferencing systems provide more extensive software options. It can support voting, agenda management, ID card registration, video projection, recording and archiving, and more.  

Voting software saves time and increases member engagement. It also allows for the anonymity of votes and helps avoid conflicts of interested. If you’d like to learn more about getting a DIS voting software setup for your organization, contact us today! We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Our team will work closely with you to find the best equipment and software to meet your needs. Give us a call today at 707-546-3633.