Constellation Acoustic System produces stunning audio with the highest level of sonic flexibility available. It boasts ground-breaking technology which enables the acoustical properties of a room to be altered to suit the nature of the event. Constellation makes it easy to have optimal audio regardless of architectural constraints. Once installed and tuned, a simple finger tap will instantly change the acoustical properties of the room. This allows venues to be truly multi-purpose for a wide variety of performances. In addition, it’s nearly invisible, allowing the venue to maintain aesthetic appeal.

Meyer Sound Constellation Systems

Meyer Sound Constellation is a complete acoustic system. It incorporates powered loudspeakers, microphones, digital processors, patented algorithms, and proprietary certification techniques. Constellation is less expensive and more flexible than traditional architectural solutions. Performances can be more seamless, without the need to move acoustic structures like sound walls or other types of barriers. Acoustics can also be changed instantly during the same performance or event. We recommend this system to anyone looking to have the best sound environment possible. Constellation an ideal audio system for venues of any size, from restaurants to performing art centers. Some of the varied venues we’ve installed a Meyer Sound Constellation Acoustic System include:

Ensure your venue delivers an extraordinary live experience with Constellation! PCD Audio & Video System Integration is proud to offer the Meyer Sound Constellation Acoustic System. We strive to provide the best quality, cutting edge products to our valued clients, and Constellation certainly hits the mark. Would you like to learn more about how your audio can be tailored to your venue with Constellation Acoustic Systems?  Contact us today at 707-546-3633.


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