ReportConstellation Audio is known to be one of the most powerful and clear way to project sound. PCD Audio-Video System Integration strives to always offer the best quality, cutting edge products to our valued customers such as the Meyer Sound Constellation Speaker System. We are proud to offer Audio Constellation Systems as an option when you are building the sound environment for your business. Contact us today for a consultation about your audio visual needs, and we will let you know what PCD Audio-Video System Integration can do for you.

Audio Constellation Systems

Constellation Audio is known to be the highest resolution and most transparent solid-state amplifier system available today. PCD Audio-Video System Integration recommends the Constellation systems to customers who want the best sound environment possible. This type of system is ideal for music performance spaces, from the smallest black box theater or music room to an auditorium or theater with thousands of seats. It is also very possible in learning spaces, such as classrooms.

One option that we are proud to be able to offer our customers is the Meyers Sound Constellation System. This system is well known for its ability to create multiple acoustical environments within a single space. You can achieve vastly different levels of sound projection, with just the tap of a button. This does not just reduce labor, it also allows you to create variations within a single vent venue or presentation. This The Constellation Audio system is also prized by architects and other design professional for its ability to fit seamlessly into any design. While your patrons enjoy the clear and resonant sound in your lecture hall, performance auditorium, restaurant and or any other spaces, the speakers integrate well into most architectural designs. don’t have to look at bulky, out of place equipment as well. Create an environment that is pleasing and inspiring to the eye and the ear with this or any other of our high quality, custom Audio Constellation Systems.

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